Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.5.3 - HTML format


  • [OO-2076] - RS import a course with video course element
  • [OO-2077] - institutionalUserIdentifier is not deleted
  • [OO-2078] - Test statistics: time line for duration should continuously count minutes, even above 60
  • [OO-2081] - Completing an external onyx test does not publish the fact to subscribers of the assessment tool in the related course.
  • [OO-2082] - Email course element message template formatting not preserved
  • [OO-2090] - isUser() expert rule check is case sensitive
  • [OO-2092] - RS replying to a deleted message
  • [OO-2093] - List of authors and co-authors not correct
  • [OO-2096] - RS if email in change email workflow is not an email


  • [OO-2075] - Hide anticipated WebDAV errors in logfile
  • [OO-2079] - Print zip code and city on same line in members list print view
  • [OO-2080] - Make it possible to configure course nodes as deprecated
  • [OO-2083] - Support podcast video upload from iOS devices
  • [OO-2087] - FlexiTables: Enabling other default page sizes than 20
  • [OO-2088] - Improve encoding recognition for html pages and js resources
  • [OO-2094] - Show list of all users that are participants in a course
  • [OO-2095] - Improve usability of group listing display, make create button more prominent

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