Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.4.11 - HTML format


  • [OO-1975] - repetitiv search at advanced search with same condition leads to different results
  • [OO-1993] - Sending of course reminders fails if e.g test course node is deleted
  • [OO-1995] - Copy a resource with Umlaut and the title of the copied resource is HTML escaped
  • [OO-2005] - Send email to new user after bulk import
  • [OO-2006] - Fix setupDatabase for MySQL 5.7
  • [OO-2008] - RS in bulk assessment if the user cannot select the column with user name
  • [OO-2009] - RS if the invalid number is entered in group task assessment panel


  • [OO-1935] - Avoiding problems with SMTP
  • [OO-1996] - Catalog: Sorting entries should have applied secondary sorting

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