Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.4.10 - HTML format


  • [OO-1943] - Skypename in visiting card is hardcoded to debug value
  • [OO-1945] - Mix course environment of coach and assessed user in check list course element
  • [OO-1946] - Efficiency statement are not updated after course publish
  • [OO-1947] - RS load participating course
  • [OO-1950] - RS segment view and IE 9
  • [OO-1951] - + and - icons within chat text rendered as up and down icon
  • [OO-1954] - Dialog: table sorting does not work correctly
  • [OO-1955] - Sorting by role in course table in user management doesn't work
  • [OO-1957] - Images included in Textfields at courseinfo-page wont be copied at course copying process
  • [OO-1958] - Problems wiht the option "Recurring modifications/settings when logging in the first time" and the selection of a personal landing page
  • [OO-1960] - No Score Display at gap-text items if test is linked, started, completed by at least one user
  • [OO-1962] - Admin landing pages: automatically entered address for landing page not correct for all selections - need update
  • [OO-1963] - Icon of ordered list is not displayed in Wiki editor
  • [OO-1969] - Not all international phone number formats allowed
  • [OO-1971] - Calendar: opening a course link freezes calendar tool
  • [OO-1973] - Bug in link list
  • [OO-1974] - Return key doesn't work to start search within "personal tools" in some constelation
  • [OO-1978] - RS in QTI editor if some course element reference doesn't exists
  • [OO-1979] - RS if the HTML page selected in single page course element is a directory
  • [OO-1980] - RS if trying to select a missing member in course member management
  • [OO-1981] - RS if copy a batch of courses with very long titles
  • [OO-1982] - RS if the name of a group too long
  • [OO-1984] - RS changent the email of a user without email
  • [OO-1985] - RS if a forum course element has several links (properties) to its forum
  • [OO-1986] - QR-Code Generation wrong
  • [OO-1989] - RS not found course element in course
  • [OO-1990] - White page if log in with a rest url of a folder with : in its name


  • [OO-1925] - Missinterpretation of "Close/Beenden" in Course-Configuration.
  • [OO-1952] - Add link to course and course name to members mail form
  • [OO-1953] - RS when automatically assign tasks
  • [OO-2023] - Follow Up: Missinterpretation of "Close/Beenden" in Course-Configuration.

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