Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.4.8 - HTML format


  • [OO-1854] - RS if save a post in a deleted thread
  • [OO-1911] - RS concurrent delete / bulk copy of learn resource
  • [OO-1912] - RS double opening of assessment form in group task
  • [OO-1914] - RS if SCORM resource is deleted but used in course editor
  • [OO-1915] - Link to internal URL's in single pages open in iframe
  • [OO-1916] - Deduplicate the list of courses in the aggregated calendar
  • [OO-1917] - Imported questions in "My questions" are not "on-the-fly" indexed
  • [OO-1919] - Modification of group titels results in a status-message even if the new titel is updated automatically in the course editor
  • [OO-1921] - Coaches have no access to WebDAV courses folders
  • [OO-1927] - MembersManagement allows editing and removing of members when no members are selected
  • [OO-1928] - MembersManagement can't be opened twice
  • [OO-1931] - Performance issue with coaching (users) and PostgreSQL


  • [OO-1913] - Skype username shows broken image placeholder
  • [OO-1926] - Add option to PDF certificate generation to calculate relative dates
  • [OO-1930] - Use reference instead of external ID for WebDAV optimization

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