Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.4.6 - HTML format


  • [OO-1863] - Blog: writing rights (access) do not give the right to edit / delete own entries
  • [OO-1865] - RS when downloading Dialog
  • [OO-1866] - CSS and usability improvements
  • [OO-1868] - Dialog: table sorting does not work correctly
  • [OO-1869] - NPE in search controller
  • [OO-1870] - Wiki: cannot open files with mouse click
  • [OO-1871] - RS promote a project broker's candidate to member
  • [OO-1872] - RS import question with comma for float
  • [OO-1874] - ePortfolio: Artifact picker in wiki has false placement, allowing all user to collect any article as artifact
  • [OO-1875] - Project broker: attachments to topics disappear after a already configured topic is edited again
  • [OO-1876] - Project broker: disabled for assessment tool, assessable child elements not visible
  • [OO-1877] - RS if edit description of course while someone delete it
  • [OO-1878] - Movie plugin throw errors
  • [OO-1880] - Topic assignment: RS when accepting a candidate
  • [OO-1881] - Assessment mode: elements configured "Assessment mode" only are visible to everybody if course is in assessment mode for somebody
  • [OO-1882] - Assessment mode: if no elements were selected for restriction, error is displayed for date field
  • [OO-1883] - Assessment mode: Element restriction - boxes get unchecked when a structure element is open
  • [OO-1884] - RS when changing description of learning resources
  • [OO-1885] - RS if guest try to access a LTI course element


  • [OO-1879] - Use confluence help for context help also when using help course

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