Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.5 - HTML format


  • [OO-1867] - Upgrade libraries
  • [OO-1873] - Performance improvements
  • [OO-1895] - Course owner can set a course unintentionally long to assessment mode (and not revert it)
  • [OO-1941] - RS concurrent update of identity for last login
  • [OO-1948] - Forum: Umlauts in URLs are not supported, links with such URLs will not be created
  • [OO-1949] - Group: invitation can not be accepted when following the link in the group invitation mail
  • [OO-1964] - 404 if the preview is closed on a single page's peek view
  • [OO-1965] - Image not export in QTI Word export if editor closed too quickly
  • [OO-1966] - Sorting of authoring view does not work for some columns
  • [OO-1983] - Column "Last visit" in course member management doesn't show correct lastModified value
  • [OO-1992] - RS if a backup file is missing in the list of versions
  • [OO-1994] - Renaming file names does not check for illegal characters
  • [OO-1997] - Text editor renders links to course elements invalid
  • [OO-1998] - VFSManager.resolveOrCreateLeafFromPath() does not work for direct files
  • [OO-2001] - CSV-export: quotes in text fields has to be escaped
  • [OO-2002] - HTML editor in notification course element invalidates local URL's
  • [OO-2004] - Identities appear multiple times when exporting course results
  • [OO-2010] - RS if the account manager property in project broker is duplicate
  • [OO-2011] - Useability improvements
  • [OO-2012] - Archive generated after the replacement of the survey in a course element is anynomized
  • [OO-2014] - RS in QTI editor if a test is referenced in a course without author
  • [OO-2020] - Group mail broken when embedding OO in frame
  • [OO-2021] - Preformatted text in wiki HTML export rendered on one line
  • [OO-2022] - RS in project broker of a copied course
  • [OO-2026] - Searching for Orphans leads to groups with members
  • [OO-2031] - RS if group of a group task is in the revision step (coach side)
  • [OO-2032] - RS in QTI editor for choices if command is null
  • [OO-2034] - When going back, the business path URL and QR code are not correct
  • [OO-2039] - Sorting of forum posts wrong
  • [OO-2040] - Cannot access folders in WebDAV if their courses shared the same name

New Feature

  • [OO-725] - Lernressource und Kursbaustein "Video", Einbindung in HTML Editor
  • [OO-1944] - Course element GoToTraining
  • [OO-1967] - Add options to hide the toolbar and the menu in course
  • [OO-1970] - Additional logo for user profile
  • [OO-2007] - Configuration option to limit displaying of users in course element members to certain groups
  • [OO-2013] - Video collection: video site for public learning video offerings
  • [OO-2037] - New option to allow coaches to add tasks and solutions
  • [OO-2038] - Option to embed resource folder in read/write mode
  • [OO-2042] - Print feature for course members list element


  • [OO-1902] - Update TinyMCE to 4.3.x


  • [OO-1547] - Enhance usability in course access configuration
  • [OO-1766] - Using "All users can..." switch in Groups->Members shows no "Members" element in the left menu
  • [OO-1782] - Task: add button in assessment tool to manually close submission for single user
  • [OO-1807] - Allow renaming of uploaded file right in upload form
  • [OO-1887] - Update to Font Awesome 4.5
  • [OO-1901] - Send mail to user when transferred from waiting list to group
  • [OO-1929] - Add methods isInUserProperty() and hasUserProperty() to course expert mode
  • [OO-1935] - Avoiding problems with SMTP
  • [OO-1956] - Confusing wording concerning change the "Course info"
  • [OO-1959] - No possibility to delete or deactivate semester entry at management
  • [OO-1961] - Various CSS and layout improvements
  • [OO-1968] - Add courses sites 3 and 4 to the static sites
  • [OO-1972] - Make xing user property clickable, beautify skype userproperty
  • [OO-1976] - Allow searching of subpages in single pages
  • [OO-1999] - Support both JPG and PNG as format for course teaser image
  • [OO-2003] - Task: coach can't download existing files
  • [OO-2024] - Missinterpretation of "Kurs verlassen/Leave Course" within "Mein Kurs/My Course".
  • [OO-2027] - Move delete and close course action to dedicated page
  • [OO-2033] - Members view: groups are not sorted as expected in detailed view of a member
  • [OO-2035] - Update web.xml
  • [OO-2045] - Improve usability in task submission workflow

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