Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.3.8 - HTML format


  • [OO-1742] - RS if an author upload a certificate template which is not a ZIP or a PDF
  • [OO-1744] - RS if concurrent update of the list of assessed identities
  • [OO-1745] - Pending member are not filtered with the quick search of member lists
  • [OO-1746] - Cannot delete group where members had a task in the group task course element
  • [OO-1747] - RS if a user try the registration process on a system where it is disabled
  • [OO-1749] - Hints in tests are not visible
  • [OO-1750] - Shuffle answers is not useful for FIB or Essay, hints is not for Essay
  • [OO-1751] - RS Course password doesn't work in preview
  • [OO-1752] - The search in "Help" on the login page return an error message
  • [OO-1754] - RS in mail list if user remove in table configuration all columns but "Read"
  • [OO-1757] - Files with "," in the name are not editable in Word via WebDAV
  • [OO-1758] - Replacing a solution does not delete the former file
  • [OO-1761] - Groups are duplicate during copy or import of a course with project broker elements.
  • [OO-1762] - Course element "Test" in the Assessmentmode with a Follow up leads to missing main navigation
  • [OO-1767] - Error if search a deleted forum message
  • [OO-1772] - RS invalid login provider
  • [OO-1773] - RS NPE in QTI 1.2 statistics
  • [OO-1774] - RS deleting reservation
  • [OO-1776] - Task: Tasks don't support embedded media and linked files on OpenOLAT - remove respective functions from Tiny
  • [OO-1777] - Test export to Word doesn't like image with blank in file name
  • [OO-1778] - RS upgrade old task element if user was deleted but its task not cleaned up
  • [OO-1779] - Missing scrollbars in windowed LTI content
  • [OO-1780] - Mail: configured group in copied course is original group, not new, copied group
  • [OO-1786] - Task: subscriptions button in assessment tool not accessible
  • [OO-1787] - RS adding a structure element in a page of an portfolio
  • [OO-1788] - Auto publish of course don't show all validation errors
  • [OO-1789] - RS if rest url to the catalog points to an inexistent catalog entry
  • [OO-1792] - At assessment tool and IE or Edge text field gets very big (with possibly related performance issues)
  • [OO-1794] - To quick countdown by test
  • [OO-1796] - RS in drag and drop tree of the e-Portfolio
  • [OO-1797] - In course, the group search for administrator is limited to the membership of the user


  • [OO-1784] - Scale image in Word (docx) export

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