Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.3.7 - HTML format


  • [OO-1702] - Certificate several times emitted with recertification disabled
  • [OO-1703] - Various layout and css improvements
  • [OO-1704] - Files of deleted user are not deleted
  • [OO-1705] - Sort user properties in coaching view of group task doesn't work
  • [OO-1707] - In access configuration of resources, the default must be "Registered users"
  • [OO-1708] - RS if cell content of exported table is longer than 32767 characters
  • [OO-1709] - Importing of very old course fails - class cast exception
  • [OO-1710] - RS if the file element cannot deliver a file for the catalog entry
  • [OO-1711] - Links to other areas in OpenOLAT do open in iframe, standby window appear
  • [OO-1713] - Teaser video is not displayed on info page
  • [OO-1714] - RS if a group task was only in draft
  • [OO-1715] - RS in change password workflow if 2 accounts with same e-mail
  • [OO-1716] - The button "Recalculate efficiency statement" in assessment tool has no effect
  • [OO-1717] - Regex in search highlight run in an infinite loop
  • [OO-1718] - Stackoverflow in Regex expression
  • [OO-1719] - /url/CatalogEntry/23743287 not properly routed
  • [OO-1720] - RS sorting the artifact list
  • [OO-1722] - Audio player render error in podcast
  • [OO-1724] - Deleted checkboxes when using filters
  • [OO-1726] - Bug with $ sign
  • [OO-1727] - RS if assessment tool and publish process are mixed
  • [OO-1728] - RS if the test resource doesn't exists in a course element of type test
  • [OO-1729] - RS in course element test if the selected test is not a QTI test that OpenOLAT can read
  • [OO-1730] - The member list of courses only shows mandatory attributes
  • [OO-1733] - RS delete a course with references
  • [OO-1735] - Fix performance of assignment courses to groups in the group list
  • [OO-1736] - RS in wizard if the number groups is empty in enrollment configuration
  • [OO-1737] - RS in assessment mode list


  • [OO-1706] - Allow archive of individual task
  • [OO-1721] - Update mediaelement to version 2.18.2 and responsive improvements
  • [OO-1738] - Don't update user profile of existing users in user import by default
  • [OO-1793] - Default access configuration at some (all) places should be BAR rather than BARG

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