Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.3.5 - HTML format


  • [OO-1663] - wrong table element selected after search over table
  • [OO-1665] - Questions imported via Excel in survey are shuffled
  • [OO-1667] - RS by activation of a tabbed pane
  • [OO-1668] - Cannot delete a course with LTI outcomes
  • [OO-1669] - RS sort by first or last name in coach view of group task
  • [OO-1670] - RS add a new entry in a blog
  • [OO-1671] - RS in FIB editor by up and edit of responses
  • [OO-1672] - RS closing course editor
  • [OO-1673] - RS if the directory to upload an attachment of a forum's message cannot be created
  • [OO-1674] - RS in user import if there is already a duplicate email in the database
  • [OO-1678] - RS deleting a course with reservations
  • [OO-1679] - Calendar add DTEnd without value
  • [OO-1680] - Sync issue in checklist between the list of checkbox and the assessment editor of a specific person
  • [OO-1681] - RS if you archive a course twice in a second
  • [OO-1682] - RS unlink a group within a course
  • [OO-1684] - Orientation is missing in the certificate upload in course
  • [OO-1686] - Email is used instead of username in reminder mail template
  • [OO-1687] - Catalog is not delivered via Rest-Api
  • [OO-1688] - Prevent cut authors in course listing


  • [OO-1659] - Update mediaelementjs video player to version 2.18.1
  • [OO-1676] - Add support for orgUnit in Shibboleth and update user properties on each login
  • [OO-1685] - Support for long date formats in certificate
  • [OO-1693] - Beautify message at end of LTI module

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