Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.3.3 - HTML format


  • [OO-1598] - Statistics
  • [OO-1610] - Authors can add access control methods with the module disabled
  • [OO-1613] - RS if download archive of self test made by only a guest
  • [OO-1614] - Create course: ... with wizard doesn't work with previous empty title field
  • [OO-1617] - Possible to add several times the same group to the same course
  • [OO-1618] - Wiki: uploading a file before saving content deletes content withouth warning
  • [OO-1623] - RS if the test course element reference a test which doesn't exist
  • [OO-1624] - First section of CP used in a course can not be folded
  • [OO-1625] - Multiple times the same type of rules in reminders aren't rendered correctly
  • [OO-1626] - Conflict in group task between the group chooser and the warning for user already in process
  • [OO-1627] - SCORM archive are empty
  • [OO-1629] - Deleting of very large resource folders fails
  • [OO-1632] - Sometimes mails are sent as unformatted HTML mails
  • [OO-1633] - Course theme not loaded properly
  • [OO-1636] - SCORM with close on finished and full window mode doesn't redraw the navigation bar on close
  • [OO-1638] - RS in member list of course -> send an email to a member
  • [OO-1639] - RS in member lis of group if someone clicks the "Date added"
  • [OO-1640] - Course are imported as CP by user if a imsmanifest.xml is found
  • [OO-1649] - Task: Archive tool doesn't list the single tasks, only group tasks

New Feature

  • [OO-1588] - Restrict Shibboleth Login to user name or attribute whitelist


  • [OO-1608] - Check file size limit in HTML editor
  • [OO-1609] - Add auto-booking to free booking method
  • [OO-1612] - Various layout and css improvements
  • [OO-1619] - Notification of wiki page must come with forum changes too
  • [OO-1630] - Task submission date relative to assignment date
  • [OO-1631] - Add "select all" feature to group management table
  • [OO-1641] - Don't add non-sense long title in editor and fix course element type icon
  • [OO-1642] - Various wording improvements
  • [OO-1648] - Resource info page: make references in information on usage clickable

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