Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.3.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-1573] - GTA: group configuration in access is not saved
  • [OO-1574] - RS if a task is deleted but still use
  • [OO-1579] - Cannot remove dates in the workflow of group task
  • [OO-1580] - Task name need more place
  • [OO-1581] - Login background carousel not working on IE11, no gradient on IE9
  • [OO-1582] - Cannot delete a course with a date enrollment course element
  • [OO-1583] - Changing task configuration can lead to user lost between 2 steps
  • [OO-1584] - Close connection before copy in course copy
  • [OO-1585] - Fix missing jQuery UI tooltip for iframe
  • [OO-1586] - RS in the sort of group members
  • [OO-1589] - Download for the members table in group and course
  • [OO-1590] - RS in user search with autocompletion
  • [OO-1591] - Update to vitero 6.0


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