Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.2.5 - HTML format


  • [OO-1501] - RS if deleted wiki file has no extension
  • [OO-1502] - RS if external reference of resource is too long
  • [OO-1503] - Memory leak in mapper service
  • [OO-1504] - Allow admin to by-pass access control of groups
  • [OO-1505] - RS if pop below the surface
  • [OO-1506] - RS cannot replace as dom fragment:mainBasicPanel
  • [OO-1508] - RS in rule matching
  • [OO-1510] - FlexiTable: Using download button results in "We are sorry!" page
  • [OO-1512] - Assessment mode: "Select all" in element selector doesn't work
  • [OO-1513] - Validation errors invisible in user profile form
  • [OO-1515] - RS if admin select a deleted user in the user administration
  • [OO-1516] - Concurrent delete of a portfolio task
  • [OO-1517] - RS in edit panel of assessment mode if course element was deleted
  • [OO-1518] - RS delete a course with assessment mode
  • [OO-1519] - RS if a course is corrupted after jumping in with an assessment mode
  • [OO-1520] - RS if user session or role are null in admin site callback
  • [OO-1528] - RS in expert rule IsUser
  • [OO-1529] - RS in import of CP
  • [OO-1530] - RS in portal
  • [OO-1533] - Invisible RS in items of navigation bar
  • [OO-1534] - RS if the provider name is lowered cased
  • [OO-1537] - Authors can access the groups of their courses
  • [OO-1542] - RS if resume is cancelled
  • [OO-1543] - RS if a LDAP user use the change password REST URL
  • [OO-1544] - Better check validity of to business path in "close" course
  • [OO-1545] - Text copy from Word is not recognized as HTML in E-Mail course element
  • [OO-1546] - RS if a user cancel its date enrollment but was not enrolled
  • [OO-1548] - Leak Hibernate + Infinispan

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