Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.1.3 - HTML format


  • [OO-1401] - RS upload a calendar without selecting a file
  • [OO-1402] - Test export to word: cosmetic changes
  • [OO-1406] - RS export course with SCORM content
  • [OO-1407] - Blog: Images in content not displayed
  • [OO-1411] - Cannot delete a course with certificates
  • [OO-1412] - Storage folder: files in a subfolder cannot be copied into the storage folder itself. Error "Operation failed"
  • [OO-1414] - RS landing page generated by automated request
  • [OO-1415] - RS corrupted course in statements overview
  • [OO-1416] - RS if test reference doesn't match exactly
  • [OO-1418] - Sort by "Modified" in folder doesn't work
  • [OO-1422] - NPE on fresh system in assessment tool when no one ever started a scorm module
  • [OO-1426] - CSS classes on images from editor in blog and forum posts are not applied
  • [OO-1427] - NPE in wiki when modifying menu
  • [OO-1428] - Wiki: once embedded in course, link or file list in edit mode is cut at page end
  • [OO-1429] - Table config button is missing for participant list in group
  • [OO-1430] - Reset group members table columns enables all columns


  • [OO-1423] - Improve styling of link list items
  • [OO-1425] - Indent comment replies to make structure visible

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