Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.1.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-1358] - RS with the REST url to the portfolio in homepage
  • [OO-1359] - Update TinyMCE to version 4.1.7
  • [OO-1360] - Password on the root node and jump in course with REST url doesn't work together
  • [OO-1361] - RS add user to a shared map
  • [OO-1363] - RS customize and page size callouts are open at the same time
  • [OO-1364] - RS comments in library doesn't work properly
  • [OO-1365] - RS if a guest try to access a group by booking it
  • [OO-1367] - Question Bank: modifications to items aren't shown in table
  • [OO-1368] - Add sort to the list of courses in the catalog management tool
  • [OO-1369] - RS calculating the size of movie
  • [OO-1370] - XHR Event aren't protected by o2cl() method
  • [OO-1371] - Replace the full text search in the search field of "My courses" and "Authoring"
  • [OO-1372] - Error in JMS event handling of certificate changes in assessment main controller
  • [OO-1373] - LMS commit failed if passed is null
  • [OO-1374] - Error is not visible if the subject of email is longer than 255 characters
  • [OO-1375] - RS if an author open a portfolio template without edit permission
  • [OO-1376] - Pluggable link to Help


  • [OO-1357] - Various CSS and layout improvements

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