Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.0.9 - HTML format


  • [OO-1253] - Unpublished course nodes can be configured in scoring rules
  • [OO-1322] - RS if the wrong resource is linked in podcast course element
  • [OO-1332] - Layout optimizations
  • [OO-1333] - SQL Exception: out of range for type integer when sending out notifications
  • [OO-1334] - Overflow of text in calendar
  • [OO-1335] - RS rendering the navigation
  • [OO-1336] - RS if author link a video in a podcast element and try to edit it
  • [OO-1337] - Shortened description in search results can break the HTML code
  • [OO-1339] - RS try to edit description of a file uploaded as learning resource
  • [OO-1340] - Display of language and expenditure not working properly
  • [OO-1341] - Upload of portrait doesn't work with the java scaling service
  • [OO-1342] - Custom media controller won't load
  • [OO-1345] - NPE after publishing a course with check list
  • [OO-1346] - RS if a message was deleted in a forum

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