Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.0.8 - HTML format


  • [OO-1307] - Checkbox are not correctly redraw after update of the keys and values
  • [OO-1312] - RS (not visible) if Jcodec cannot handle a movie
  • [OO-1313] - RS if the navigation don't find the clicked node
  • [OO-1314] - RS saving the details of a course
  • [OO-1315] - RS change a note
  • [OO-1316] - Group coaches don't have access to assessment tool unless they're also course coaches
  • [OO-1317] - RS concurrent editing of the same note
  • [OO-1318] - RS if resuming a session to a deleted course
  • [OO-1319] - Tune sort in "My courses"
  • [OO-1320] - RS if the file of the imported resource is null
  • [OO-1321] - RS import a video or an image in the authoring environment
  • [OO-1324] - QTIItem in pool without doctype
  • [OO-1326] - The import of the resource picker in a course element allow all types of resources
  • [OO-1327] - Raw delivery of file is not really raw

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