Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.2 - HTML format


  • [OO-1098] - Course: Enrolling in a group as user triggers two mails instead of one
  • [OO-1351] - Libraries upgrade
  • [OO-1366] - Closing a course does not remove participants, editor not blocked
  • [OO-1384] - Optimize serialization of mapper for single page
  • [OO-1390] - Some inconsistencies when accessing a protected course outside the time period
  • [OO-1400] - CPEditController does not correctly load the menu configuration
  • [OO-1401] - RS upload a calendar without selecting a file
  • [OO-1409] - User management: Statements w/o last date and w/o assessment tool access
  • [OO-1417] - Printing of test details in assessment tool does not work
  • [OO-1419] - Full text search displays results which should not be visible
  • [OO-1432] - Can't get out of course when not publishing
  • [OO-1435] - Fullscreen video in single page does enlarge to iframe size instead of real fullscreen

New Feature

  • [OO-1349] - Assessment mode with controlled feature set, support for Safe Exam Browser
  • [OO-1352] - Static resource folder to add public files such as pdfs or other stuff that can be linked somewhere
  • [OO-1362] - Make guest and invitation access configurable in admin GUI
  • [OO-1405] - Allow users to leave course


  • [OO-793] - Access control for courses
  • [OO-1355] - Improve booking configuration, make it more compact
  • [OO-1356] - RSS-feed of a blog: Entry links should open the specific entry, not just the blog list
  • [OO-1393] - Rest-API: Reading all course configuration settings which can be set
  • [OO-1396] - Rest-API: Reading file metadata
  • [OO-1403] - FileUtils: replacing ß with ss
  • [OO-1408] - Coaching freezes on users with huge amounts of coached learners
  • [OO-1410] - OpenMeetings: Setting some room defaults for better user experience
  • [OO-1413] - Calendar: Group calendar links lists courses with two nodes - one for the course, one for the root node
  • [OO-1424] - Removing subscriptions when leaving a course

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