Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.0.6 - HTML format


  • [OO-1226] - Cannot read qti.ser
  • [OO-1227] - User menu not available if search disabled
  • [OO-1230] - Deleting LDAP users fails: DB constraints
  • [OO-1231] - Kursinfo text fields cannot be saved
  • [OO-1240] - Disabled tabbed panes to not render as disabled
  • [OO-1242] - RS clicking the thumbnail in "My courses"
  • [OO-1248] - Update PDFBox
  • [OO-1250] - Min width in progress bar results in wrong statistics in coaching tool
  • [OO-1252] - Efficiency config link in assessment tool broken
  • [OO-1258] - Add start page as option for the logo URL
  • [OO-1260] - Translation for managed flags
  • [OO-1264] - Mail disabled in admin. don't disable the Mail tool for user
  • [OO-1265] - Available user tools settings doesn't reflect in the list of user tools of a user
  • [OO-1266] - RS add a booking method to a group
  • [OO-1267] - Cannot delete a resource like Wiki, Test, Questionnaire...
  • [OO-1268] - Assessment tool lists two times the same user
  • [OO-1269] - In "manage checklist" participants of the course not having checked anything don't show up
  • [OO-1270] - In the checklist pdf overview export the x positions are incorrectly placed when having multiple pages
  • [OO-1271] - Shared folder option in course disappears
  • [OO-1272] - RS in course layout generator with corrupted images
  • [OO-1273] - Subelements of CP and Single Pages don't open on click on top element
  • [OO-1274] - Attachments to topic assignments are broken on mobile browsers (iOS/Android)
  • [OO-1275] - Unique extension ID are language dependent which cause problem with user tools
  • [OO-1276] - The manage checklist view does not show the crossmarks of all users
  • [OO-1278] - GUI not updated at the end of change password workflow
  • [OO-1279] - File/Stream leak
  • [OO-1280] - RS in video service
  • [OO-1281] - Update of courses and catalog thumbnails doesn't take effect
  • [OO-1282] - RS concurrent delete of comments in blog
  • [OO-1285] - NPE in movie service
  • [OO-1286] - New message audio diplays arrow in IE11, does not play in IE
  • [OO-1287] - Glossary listing moves item at bottom of page when selecting a letter


  • [OO-1232] - Hide blocked users in list of users without group
  • [OO-1233] - Make JS code more robust for IE

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