Release Notes - OpenOLAT - Version 10.1 - HTML format


  • [OO-676] - Incorrect handling of blanks at download
  • [OO-1153] - Context Help
  • [OO-1164] - OO10 in Android, course toolbar is skewed
  • [OO-1168] - Add authoring bulk action for copy and delete
  • [OO-1228] - Simplify maven process
  • [OO-1234] - Share link leads to wrong directory in shared folders
  • [OO-1236] - Add missing i18 keys for openmeetings package
  • [OO-1248] - Update PDFBox
  • [OO-1251] - RS caused by concurrent modification of the list of enabled languages
  • [OO-1252] - Efficiency config link in assessment tool broken
  • [OO-1253] - Unpublished course nodes can be configured in scoring rules
  • [OO-1255] - My course menu not within viewport when having large group names
  • [OO-1292] - Manual admission from waiting list to group broken in course member management
  • [OO-1303] - Survey statistics contain wrong values (varying number of participants)
  • [OO-1310] - Improvements for guest users
  • [OO-1311] - RS selet the test statistics of QTI 2.1 in assessment > course elements
  • [OO-1323] - User search in coaching tool
  • [OO-1330] - Business path to users visiting card broken
  • [OO-1331] - Add a field externalId to o_bs_identity

New Feature

  • [OO-729] - Login screen redesign, support for twitter, facebook, Google etc authentication
  • [OO-732] - Make calendar feature configurable
  • [OO-1235] - Make sharable link to a folder document visible in file metadata panel
  • [OO-1238] - Add resource actions to menu within resource (delete, copy etc)
  • [OO-1245] - Make course element folders accessible for learners via WebDAV
  • [OO-1249] - Security callback to limit question pool access to pool pool members
  • [OO-1254] - Printable PDF certificates in courses to extend efficiency statement
  • [OO-1257] - REST service to import existing certificates and efficiency statements
  • [OO-1259] - LDAP groups and role sync
  • [OO-1283] - Download multiple files at once in folder component using a dynamic ZIP stream
  • [OO-1284] - Make group leaving configurable
  • [OO-1291] - Single-sign-on (SSO) login provider based on OAuth2
  • [OO-1325] - Full display mode in LTI, (LMS hidden)
  • [OO-1338] - Auto-Publish in course editor


  • [OO-1196] - Delivery of font-awesome fails with common settings in apache reverse proxy


  • [OO-979] - Selecting multiple files in a folder, then download as whole
  • [OO-998] - Make course element e-mail also work for direct course members
  • [OO-1229] - Better performance on older MySQL
  • [OO-1237] - Open info page with course for course members
  • [OO-1241] - Make selection tree collapsible/expandable
  • [OO-1243] - Display course element folders in WebDAV using the course hierarchy and real names
  • [OO-1256] - Better match wiki export style with light theme
  • [OO-1261] - Improve top navbar collapse mechanism for small displays
  • [OO-1263] - Move permanent tools to personal tools, making it configurable by the user.
  • [OO-1293] - Tabe page size configuration for flexi tables
  • [OO-1294] - Publish course changes on editor close
  • [OO-1306] - Improve admin runtime view
  • [OO-1308] - Various GUI improvements
  • [OO-1309] - Make booking method editable
  • [OO-1328] - Update to Bootstrap 3.3.1
  • [OO-1329] - Improve info page layout
  • [OO-1343] - Add styling options for catalog
  • [OO-1344] - Hide time input field for all-day events
  • [OO-1348] - Add external URL to user visiting card (but not for guests)
  • [OO-1350] - Limited rights for catalog administrators
  • [OO-1353] - Shibboleth registration: deprecated method is used

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