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Automatic group life cycle management



    • Type: New Feature
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    • Priority: Major
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    • Fix Version/s: 16
    • Component/s: Group
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      Groups tend to have the problem that they are never deleted. Users leave the group but nobody feels responsible and knows when a group can be deleted. An automatic life-cycle management needs to be implemented similar to users and courses:

      • Implement a status on the group datamodel
        • active
          • normal as today
          • status after creating a new group
        • inactive 
          • group still accessible by all members
          • group visible in personal group list
          • all group tools are read-only similar to the closed courses
            • no new forum posts, file uploads etc
            • read-only also for WebDAV access
          • the admin menu shows a special panel
            • Info about the creation, inactivation and automatic deletion date
            • button to re-activate the group
              • will set group back to active state
            • button to delete the group
              • will trigger delete state
        • deleted
          • similar to course behavior
          • all users are removed from the group
          • all references to courses are removed from the group
          • the group itself remains, no data is deleted
          • the deleted groups are listed in a new segment "deleted" or "trash" similar to the authoring site
      • Implement the automatic group life-cycle
        • Similar to the learning resource / user module  implement options and dates to manage the life-cycle
          • automatic inactivation after # days with no group opening
          • inactivation email
          • automatic deletion after # days of inactivation
          • deletion email
          • automatic permanent deletion after # days of deleted state 
      • Manual group management
        • Implement manual group status change  as a batch action or single group action
          • when performing status change show optional mail form
        • When reactivating groups, set a grace period date or just update the last visit date
        • In the deleted or trash segment add action to reactivate or permanently delete the groups
        • When manually delete a group by the group administrator give him the option to put group to trash or execute the permanently delete right away. 

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