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Option to send info course element message emails to specific groups



    • Type: New Feature
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 15.4
    • Component/s: Course
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      In the course element info messages are created and placed in the info history on the course element. In the second step of the creation wizard the author can decide to send the message immediately to the selected users groups.

      Currently the user groups that can be selected for the direct email are the subscribers, the owners, the coaches, and the participants. 

      The goal of this issue is to extend the list of selectable elements to the following: 

      •  All members of groups associated with the course
        •  Includes all group roles except the users on the group waiting list
        •  roles are not individually selectable, just the entire group
      •  All members of curriculum elements associated with the course
        •  Includes the roles participants, coach and owner
        •  Other roles such as mastercoach, elementowner will not get the mail
        •  The curricula are only listed if there are more than one curricula associated with the course to not raise questions what this is all about. 

      Acceptance Test

      • The group section in the form does only show up when the course has at least one group
      • Creating messages with courses that have no groups still works
      • Creating messages with courses that have group but no curriculum works
      • Selecting no groups will not send the mail to groups users
      • Selecting groups will send the mail to all groups users defined above
      • The curriculum section in the form does only show up when the course has at least two curriculum element
      • Creating messages with courses that have curriculum but no groups works
      • Selecting no curriculum will not send mails to curriculum users
      •  Selecting curriculum will send mails all curriculum users defined above
      • Mixing of groups, curriculum and the already existing options work as expected
      • Selecting a specific group plus the option "subscribers" will send the mail to all users of the group plus the users that subscribed the course element, regardless wether the subscribed users are part of the group. 
      • Same for all other roles
      • When a specific user is subscribed, is a course member in multiple roles, a group member and a curriculum member and everything is selected, the user will get only one single email. 
      • The info tool in the groups still work
      • The info tool in the groups don't show the groups and curriculum option


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