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Introduce course internal group that are bound to the course life-cycle




      There are various reasons to create groups and many places that create those groups. All groups have in common that they are first-class business objects with their own life-cycle. 

      This is fine for groups created by users (study groups, interest groups, peer groups etc.). However, groups created within a course are in most situations not meant to have a living outside that course (enrolment groups, task groups etc). Those groups are only associated with one course and should be deleted when the course is deleted, no questions asked. 

      The goal of this issue is to mark the live-cycle of course internal groups as managed and synchronize the life-cycle with the life-cycle of the associated course. 



      • TDB: Mark groups created within a course as managed groups
        • in groups management in course user management tool
        • in enrolment course element
        • in other course element that create groups
        • in other places where the select-or-choose-group dialog is used in the course (e.g. assessment mode group chooser)
      • Set the the managing course as the manager (new feature)
      • In the group "course" tab inform about the fact that the course reference is managed by the course. 
        • Don't show the button to add other resources
        • Add button to remove the managed constraint so that linking to other courses is possible (convert group from course-internal to free-floating group)
      • TDB: For course-internal groups don't show the publish and booking tab unless we can also show those groups in the course-booking dialog and offer then in the course enrolment process
      • In the group site don't let coaches delete managed groups
      • TBD: Improve group management to distinguish between course-internal (course-managed) and free-floating groups
      • TBD: what else did we miss?






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