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BBB: Dialog to create multiple online meetings at once




      The dialogue to create and edit single meeting events is fine. However, for many schools the creation of the meetings is time consuming because the effectively have the same meeting date every day or every week. 

      Adding a recurring event feature to the BBB is complicated and not really necessary. But it would help a lot to have a specific create dialog where multiple dates with the same name, description, prep time etc. could be created at once. 

      Once the meeting dates have been created they are treated as individual meetings. They can then be edited one-by-one as al the other meetings. 


      • Make the add meeting button a button menu with multiple options
      • Option 1: create single meeting (same as today without the no-date option)
      • Option 2: create meeting without date (same as today with the no-date option enabled)
      • Option 3: create recurring meeting (new)


      The new recurring option features a similar form with name, description, welcome text, room template and the prep and followup time. 

      • Then it asks for Start date and time and the interval (daily or weekly) and the last date of the period.
      • When entered it creates start-end date/time for each occurring line by line and checks for collisions for each date.
      • Impossible dates are marked with errors. 
      • Each date lie can be deleted (delete button next to date)
      • As bonus one could als add another meeting date in between with a plus button

      On save, normal online-meeting events are created. There is no way to load them into the multi-edit editor again, it is just a simplified version of creating multiple meetings. 




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