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QTI grading tool with specific grading assignments and grading cockpit



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      QTI Grading Tool
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      Today manual grading of a test is done within the course using the course assessment tool. The grading can be done by the course owner and the relevant coaches of the course.

      This infrastructure is fine for many situations when the test is created and controlled by the course owner and the coaches are also the domain experts. The role of the coach is to supervise the course activities of the participants and to support them. They are not necessarily the experts for topic of the course.

      But there are other scenarios where the domain experts who must grade a test are not coaches of a course. They don't even know in which course a specific test is used and they have no relation whatsoever with the participants of that course. But they are the experts and it is up to them to grade the tests and normally are payed by the grading minutes. 

      This issue is about implementing a grading infrastructure that "lives" outside of the course. These are the core concepts: 

      • Potential graders are added as graders to test learning resources
      • In courses, when embedding tests a new option can be enabled to let this test being graded by those test graders rather than the course coaches and owners
      • When a participant submits a test, a "grading assignment" is generated using one of the available graders
      • Graders receive a notification about new grading assignments with a given time frame
      • Two reminders can be sent when grading has not been finished on time
      • Graders work in the coaching tool. They have a list of open all grading assignments. When grading is done, the assignment is closed and filtered in the standard list view
      • Course owners and learning resource managers have a grading assignment overview in the coaching tool as well. They see the list of all graders and their grading assignments. 
      • Course owners and learning resource managers can export reports that contain the grading minutes for each grader of their test resources for payment purposes
      • Course owners and learning resource managers can reassign open grading assignments to other graders or set them as "unassigned" for later assignment
      • When grading assignments are used in courses, the assessment tool can not be used anymore for grading. It only shows the current grading state, the course internal grading tool is blocked. 
      • In the user management a tab "grading assignments" shows all test resources where a user is marked as grader and all the grading assignments of a user. Open grading assignments can be reasigned to other graders or set them as "unassigned" for later assignment


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