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Course copy wizard with copy options




      When copying a course some things are copied, some not. The system takes assumptions about the intent of course content and configurations but those assumptions might be wrong. 


      • To copy the groups of a course can be desired or not
      • When copying a blog, sometimes the original blog should be referenced, in some scenarios a new blow should be created (as a collaborative tool)
      • Material in a folder that is used for content distribution should be copied while material in a folder as result of the work of the participants should not

      A new copy wizard should implement a flexible course copy: 

      • Set new course Reference (Kennzeichen)
      • Set new Authors
      • Set new Execution Period (Dates, Semester reference)
      • Set new Location 
      • Publish in same catalog as source course? 
      • For all groups: copy groups and re-link to course elements, link course element references to original groups, do not copy groups (leave empty) 
      • For all owners: copy or add new owners or add only creator as owner
      • For all coaches: copy or add new coaches
      • For all folder nodes / tool: copy content or create empty folders
      • For blog nodes / tool: keep blog or create new empty blog
      • For wiki nodes / tool: keep wiki or create new empty wiki
      • For all lecture blocks: copy or don't copy
        • Ask for new date for each copied lecture block and assign teacher in one page
        • Alternatively: ask to create x Lecture blocks. In this case, ask for title, date etc. for each new lecture block
      • List all course elements that have date configurations in one page, allow setting the dates in one step
      • List all course reminders with date configurations in one page, allow setting the dates in one step
      • List all assessment modes with date configuration in one page, allow setting the dates in one step (ZAG Request)

      See also Ticket#2018022020000049 (frentix internal)

      OOPM-209 / OOPM-220 / OOPM-249

      The new copy wizard is only implemented for the new learning path course.


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