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gap question: disable twice the same answer



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      Brief description/goal:

      • Initial problem: Alternative solutions for numerical values
        Example: Double solution in mathematics: x^2 = 4 => solutions: x1=2 and x2=-2, but what if someone enters x1=-2 and x2 = 2? The task is evaluated as wrong... And if a student enters the two solutions in both gaps as variants, a student could get the full score if he writes 2 in both gaps!
      • It is not allowed to enter all possible solutions for several gaps, where the order of the students' answers is unknown. Then a resourceful student could enter the same solution everywhere (here e.g. x1= 2, x2=2).
        Another example: "Write down 3 federal councillors in the following 3 gaps".
        OpenOlat must be able to see for itself whether 3 of the 7 possible solutions are available.

      Planned design

      • Instead of the task type "numerical gap" the task type "text gap" should be used and extended, because there you can enter solution variants, which count as correct / give points.
      • A query is programmed whether the same answer has already been given once in the same gap text (but in a different input field). If yes, give feedback that this is not allowed.
      • The prohibition of duplicate/equal entries can be selected/ deselected as an option (checkbox) in the question type "Text gap".
      • NOT PLANNED: Extension of the task type "Numerical question" and admission of variants, as with the gap text.
        This would become a special question type that does not correspond to QTI 2.1 standard.
      • Disadvantage: With numeric input "2" and "2.0" or similar are used. Entries are evaluated as correct. For the question type "Text gap" the following is used
        does not treat this equally.

      See also attached spec (German only)

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