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LR - copy course




      Course with groups: copy
      Results: All configurations/settings must be copied in groups and course, no group or course members should be copied, no course rights should be copied

      In detail:

      • all course elements (configured)
      • all learning ressources incl. resource folder and glossary
      • all learning areas (configured)
      • all groups (configured) including former right groups
      • no members except for course owner (user that copies course)
      • no rights
      • in course elements/course: all visibility and access rules
      • configuration of e-mail course element

      Test setup
      array of tests; 2 seleniumusers needed; best use a course with all elements and learning resources e.g. course "All_Elements_Course" with 3 configured groups and 2 configured learning areas

      In detail:

      • course with all elements and all learning resources, including configured resource folder and glossary with entries
      • three groups linked with course, each group with coach seleniumauthor1 and participant: copygroup1 with participant seleniumuser1, copygroup2 with p. seleniumuser2, copygroup3 with p. seleniumuser3, all with different settings under administration
      • each group has a configured course right: copygroup1 with Group management rights, copygroup2 with course editor rights, copygroup3 with archive tool rights
      • 2 learning areas, area1 and area51, one with all the groups, one with none

      test case - copy course
      *login with seleniumauthor1
      *open tab "Learning resources"
      *select prepared course to copy, click on "Detailed view"
      *in detail view, click on "Copy"
      *click next -> learning resources tab should open again
      *select copied course, click on title -> new tab opens
      *check elements - all elements copied with configuration of visibility and access, content? - in visibility and access for configured elements, open expert rule view and compare group IDs with group IDs in member management, to ensure the correct, copied groups are used in the rules
      *check all learning resources - all copied and correctly configured? - compare resource IDs to make sure the correct, copied resources are uses
      *click on learning areas in editor view - Learning areas should open
      *check learning areas - all copied and correctly configured, with correct groups
      *in bread crumb navigation, click on course title - course view should open
      *under course tools, click on members management - Members management should open, with member overview on tab "All"
      *check members - only on member should be listed in table - seleniumauthor1
      *click on groups in menu - group table should open
      *check groups - all copied and correctly configured, but without members, no access control configured
      *click on rights in menu - rights overview should open, with all groups listed
      *check rights - no rights selected
      *close course tab
      *log out with seleniumauthor1

      *log in with seleniumadmin1
      *open groups tab
      *click on menu item group management
      *enter course title in course title search field -> copied groups should be visible




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