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List of assigned courses with progress indicator as a replacement of my courses lists, bookmarks, efficiency statement list




      The new assigned courses list shows up as a new menu entry in the home site. It is the starting point to launch courses that are relevant to the user

      The view is segmented into the following screens:

      • Courses that have been marked as favorites appear in this list (assigned and taught courses).
      • The old bookmarks table is converted into "favorites" and dropped. Bookmarks do no longer exist.
      • In the course the bookmarking feature is removed with the marking feature.


      • List of all courses that I participate plus the corresponding assessment and status data
      • Possibility to toggle favorite
      • Link to the course, hover info with course description or link that opens in callout
      • Display current status (passed/not passed/n.a)
      • Display current points
      • Display current progress (5/10 elements passed)
      • Display of some other metadata like last visit or assignment date
      • Link to launch efficiency statement if available
      • Link to leave course if possible

      Below the list a link directs the user to the course catalog. This is only available when the repository site is visible to this user.


      • List of all courses that I coach (where I am owner of the course, course coach or coach of a group that belongs to this course)
      • Possibility to toggle favorite
      • Link to the course, hover info with course description or link that opens in callout


      • List of course that have been closed where I'm assigned to or where I teach
      • Plus list of deleted courses that generated an efficiency statement that remains even after a course has been deleted

      Guest access
      Guest users should only have a simple list of BARG courses without all the other features.

      The new feature replaces the following features:

      • "My courses" list in repository
      • "courses i teach" list in repository
      • "Bookmarks" list in home
      • "Efficiency statement" list in home
      • The 'show all' inks in the "my courses" and "courses I teach" portlet now point to this new list instead of the lists in the repository site

      Then the portal is disabled in the XML configuration, the list of assigned courses can be a very simple and intuitive starting point for scenarios where users have to do some already assigned courses and where users do not much in OpenOLAT besides the working in those courses (e.g. groups disabled etc).


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