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Public and admin tags for learning resource management




      Learning resources can have various metadata, however it is difficult to sort, filter and organise using the current information. Tags are a proven method to group and structure data using a simple mechanism, that is used in many single user and multi user environments. 

      In a multi user environment the question arises who sees which data. On one hand, there are use cases for public tags visible to the participant. This helps them identify the relevant resources and the get extra information about those resources. On the other hand, some tags are needed only for administrative users such as authors to structure the resources in the authoring environment. Those tags should not be visible to the participant. Examples are tags to mark all courses that contain tests or to mark old courses in a first clean up iteration, review the selection by other people and delete them after some internal meetings in a second step.

      • To implement this we add "admin" and "public" tags to learning resources
      • Tags can be created by every author by adding a new one or select an existing one
      • In the system administration the created tags can be merged, renamed and deleted and a specific color can be assigned there as well
      • Participant can not create tags.
      • Tags are not personal, they are attached to the learning resource and visible by either all (public) or only administrative personell (authors etc.)
      • The REST API for searching learning resources must implement a method to search for courses with a specific tag, e.g. "new"






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