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Video resource: support for in-video questions



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      Videos is a powerfull e-learning format. Most people memorize very good when watching well crafted learning videos as videos uses vision and hearing at the same time and can create emotion. 

      On the other hand, videos can become boring or users can get into "couch mode" where they don't deeply listen to the content of the video.

      The general e-learning use of videos can be greatly enhanced by adding questions that appear within the video. Whenever a question is reached, the video stops and a question is presented about the content just explained. The user has a certain time to reflect and reproduce the learned material by answering the question. If correct, the video continues. 

      To leverage the already available test item engine, the question items are the same as used for tests and self-tests. The items are either generated in the video editor or imported from the question pool. 

      Items added to the video are copied to the video resources. When exporting and importing the video resource, all the question items used in this video are contained. 

      At this time it is not important to have statistical evidence of which item has been answered by whom. In the end, the video resource must be able to answer how many percentage of the video was done which is calculated based on the sum of the score achieved by the user divided by the the sum of the max score of the items of the video.  


      • Add GUI to add / edit / delete questions in video resource authoring
      • In the editor add config options for 
        • Position (time code)
        • Time limit
        • Option to allow skipping of question
        • Marker color
      • In the player, show the question positions as markers in the timeline


      See an example of the editor and runtime UI how it could look like




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