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      Within this section one can create ad hoc polls/data collections which are linked to a questionnaire/survey from the learning resource folder. The whole data collection is status-based means each status controls different actions. We distinguish the following status:

      • Preparation (the data collection is not started yet, all values could be changed meanwhile or the data collection can be deleted as well)
      • Prepared (this status is transitiv and will change automatically to "In Progress" when the system is ready to open the indicated time window for this data collection)
      • In Progress (once date and time are reached - begin of the data collection time frame - invitation mail with link to the poll is sent, the poll is ready to fill out, reminders are sent as e-mail according to the configured date and time sets)
      • Done (the status within the data collection is switching automatically from "in progress" into "done" when the data collection end date and time is reached)

      Tab Configuration:

      • Once selected a survey from the learning resources one define the data collection time window (during this time frame invited user can participate to this poll, later on the access/link to the poll is no longer valid
      • Organisation can be selected
      • Topic type shall be chosen -> selectable values are:
      Topic types
      • None
      • Custom
      • Coach
      • Organisations
      • Curriculum
      • Curriculum element
      • Course


      Tab Participants:

       Adding participants to a poll one can chose four different methods:

      • add from a course
      • add from a curriculum element
      • add any user of an instance
      • import and add the imported user (not implemented yet)

       Participants will receive an invitation, a reminder 1 and a reminder 2-Email (if configured in the tab Reminders) as well as they will see the pending polls in the section my surveys

      Tab Reminders:

       The Quality Manager QM can define the date for invitation-mail, reminder 1 and 2 with date and time when the mail will be sendet out

      Tab Report:

       QM, Coaches, Courseowner and Supervisors can check the results within the Tab Report. Report means here the results of one datacollection based of one survey. The Report Tab consists of four report related tabs:

      • Overview
      • Tables (answers given are displayed in a table view with values and standard statistic values: Median, Standard deviation, average, heuristic view - for rubric section; free text inputs are listed by participants)
      • Diagrams (the given answers per surveyed individuals are listed question per question)
      • Individual questionnaires (the given answers per surveyed individuals - anonymous or not are listed by questionnaire here)




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