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New imprint, terms and policy management




      Today we have an imprint module where it is simple to edit imprint and terms of use documents.

      There are also various configurations in olat.properties to configure the disclaimer that appears on the users first login. To change the text of the disclaimer one has to use the i18n language adaption tool. 

      The goal is to merge those two infrastructures and make it easier to configure the imprint, terms of service, data privacy policies and the cookie and logging policy. Everything should be configurable and easily translated in one place. The new infrastructure must also have the ability to simply force all users to give again consent to new policies and somehow either keep all versions of the terms or at least keept the date of the last modifications. 

      Things to consider: 

      • user consent must be stored in a dedicated database table, not in the generic properties table anymore
      • existing consent must be migrated to the new table
      • existing policies and terms must be migrated seamlessly.
      • after the update it should show the same text as before on existing system
      • on new systems, new default text are applied during system setup
      • The accepted disclaimer tab that the user can see must also be visible for user managers





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