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Groups - create and manage group, access, members




      create and administer group with system user with no roles, access this group, manage members

      Test setup
      array of tests; 2 seleniumusers needed; group "MyGroup" according to specifications in different tests needed

      test case 1 -create group
      *login with seleniumuser1
      *open tab groups
      *--> My groups, tab "All groups" should open
      *click on "create group"
      *enter group name "MyGroup"
      *enter description "group test"
      *enter number of participants "3"
      *select waiting list
      *click finish
      *group opens --> should show group starting page, with menu items Administration and Bookings visible

      test case 2 - configure group tools
      *login with seleniumuser1
      *open group "MyGroup"
      *click on "Administration"
      *open tab Tools
      *select information for members
      *enter member information "group for testing"
      *select email, calendar, folder, forum, chat, wiki, eportfolio
      *--> navigation menu should contain the following menu items: information, calendar, E-mail, Folder, Forum, Chat, Wiki, Portfolio, Administration, Bookings
      *click on menu item Information
      *--> information text "group for testing" should be visible

      test case 3 - configure members
      *login with seleniumuser1
      *open group "MyGroup"
      *click on "Administration"
      *open tab Members
      *under display members, select "Members can see participants", "All users can see participants", "All users can see the waiting list"
      *click on menu item members
      *--> the following should be displayed: Owner - not visible; Participants - No data found that could be displayed; Waiting list - not visible

      test case 4 - configure access control
      *login with seleniumuser1
      *open group "My group"
      *click on "Administration"
      *open tab "Publishing and booking configuration"
      *click on "Add booking method"
      *callout opens --> only booking methods "Access code" and "Freely available" should be shown
      *select access code
      *enter description "test access code"
      *enter access code "123"
      *click create
      *--> should show administration, tab publishing, with one configured booking method

      test case 5 - book group / add to waiting list
      *login with seleniumuser2
      *open tab groups
      *click on menu item "Published groups"
      *--> should show group "MyGroup" in list
      *click on Groupname "MyGroup"
      *--> group should open in new tab, with menu items group information, members and contact
      *close group tab, should switch back to public groups
      *click on "Add to waiting list" for group "MyGroup"
      *--> book resource should open, protected resource with access form for access code
      *enter "123" in code field
      *click Order
      *group should open [not yet quite sure what actually should be displayed], but user should be on waiting list

      test case 6 - add user manually
      *login with seleniumuser1 (group owner of group "MyGroup")
      *open group "MyGroup"
      *click on "Administration"
      *open tab Members
      *--> the following should be displayed: Display members, table owners with one entry, participants: no data found, table waiting list with one entry (seleniumuser2)
      *in table waiting list, check checkbox for seleniumuser2
      *click on "Transfer as participant"




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