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Portfolio 2.0: new design of "Shared with me"



    • Type: New Feature
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    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • Fix Version/s: 12.3
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      to do 

      The whole „Shared with me“ will be separated in 3 tabs

      • - Binder
      • - Entries / to do
      • - Favorites 

       —> add these 3 tabs

      Tab binder 

      • - Add new column „New“: in this column the number of entries is shown, of the entries newly published since the last visit. it’s the same behavior as for forum entries where also the new entries are shown. (in this column the entries in the status „Published“ are shown, but only once)
      • - add new columns „Draft“, „In revision“ and „Closed“. By default these columns are not activated, but can be added with the cog symbol. In these columns the number of entries available in the corresponding status is shown. 
      • - new column remove: as more and more binders are shared, it’s getting confusing. therefore binders which are not used anymore could be removed. As soon as they are removed, the coach does not have any access any more. If he wishes access again, the student needs to give the permission again
      • —> in the access control of the student, this coach is removed
      • —> in the two other tabs nothing of this binder is shown anymore
      • —> warning wizard before removing it definitely with hint, that it cannot be reopened by the coach anymore, but only by the student
      • by default this column is hidden
      • - filter of column open: this filter does not show the binders with 0 by default. but they can be added if desired. this column shows the number of sections with entries in the status draft oder published. By default this column is hidden 
      • - Status „Reopen“ is like published

      Tab entries / to do

      In this tab all entries shared with me are shown, which are not set to done by myself. 

      • - With a click on the title of the entry the entry opens
      • - Status new: analog to the column entries in the tab binder
      • - as soon as an entries is opened, the status switches to „In process“
      • - as soon as the entry is closed it is set to the status „Done“ and is not visible in this tab anymore
      • - if an entry is reopened, it gets the status „In process“ again
      • - If the status is set to „Done“ by the coach, the entry itself is not closed automatically. But if it is set to done, a wizard asks, if the entry should be closed as well nd shows, if there are other coaches who have access to this entry


      • - entries in the status „Draft“ and in „Revision“ are hidden by default
      • - Entries in the status „Closed“ are not shown here and cannot be added 
      • - sorting by status should be possible

      Tab Favorites

      In this tab all entries are listed which are marked as favorite

      • - With a click on the title of the entry the entry opens
      • - they disappear if the favorite mark is unmarked
      • - they do NOT disappear if the entry is set in the status „Done“
      • - sorting by status should be possible


      Single entry

      • - in the single entry the status can be changed between „New“, „In process“ and „Done“
      • - mark/demark favorite
      • - as soon as an entry is opened  the status changes from New into In process
      • - If entry is closed, status is set to Done automatically
      • - If set to Done, entry is NOT closed automatically. But a wizard asks, if it should be closed and shows, if there are other coaches who have access to this entry



      In the overview as well as in the entries tab in a binder the status are shown as well


      New = Neu

      In process = In Bearbeitung

      In revision = In Überarbeitung

      Draft = Entwurf

      Done = Erledigt


      Intern: CL-765


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