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Download tool for user test result (results reporting) files



      Course admins can view the users test results in the assessment tool. For each trial the so-called "results reporting" file is displayed. This is actually an XML file persisted on disk that is rendered using a XSLT stylesheet.

      Downloading and archiving of the test raw data as an Excel file has always been possible, however up to now it was not possible to bulk-download those results reporting files for all users with one click as well. This issue is about implementing this download.

      The download generates a ZIP file which includes the following data:

      • index.hml start page with an overview showing all the students from the current course where the course admin / coach has access to. The list show the number of attempts each user has made. Each user is linked with a sub page.
      • For each user a folder with a new index.html page is created. On that page the users attempts are summarised: time of completion, score etc. Each attempt is linked to the results reporting file
      • For each attempt the results reporting file is available as an HTML page.
      • For each attempt the results reporting file is also available as XML file, however this is not linked in the HTML file, this is an expert feature.

      The new download is available:

      • in the assessment tool when browsing by course node and a test course node is selected
      • in the course archive tool when selecting the test data archive menu item
      • for QTI 1.2 and QTI 2.1 The results reporting looks different as it also does in OpenOLAT




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