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Performance optimization




      From the performance datas, make some performance improvements:

      • Index to the mail meta ID (done)
      • Tracing.createLoggerFor(getClass()) only once per class
      • Buffer size in RSSServlet and ServletUtil -> Tomcat knows best ( and remove close from output stream, it's not our job to close them ) (done)
      • Remove demo.ch (done)
      • Don't lock to update the different counters (view, download...) on the repository entry (critical for lot of concurrent access to the same course as in an assessment with 1000 concurrent users) (done)
      • Assignement courses to groups in group list performance issue (done)
      • Remove doInSync to persist authentication while creating an identity (done)
      • Remove doInSync to create new course ( doInSync to create the resource ) (done)
      • Remove doInSync to import / copy new course ( doInSync to create the resource ) and always load the course with its olat resource (done)
      • Speed "My courses" in authoring environment for MySQL with large number of courses (done)
      • Speed "My courses" in the tab "My courses" for MySQL with large number of courses (done)
      • The main view for business groups queries is dramatically slow on large instance using MySQL (done)
      • Refactor the menu "Database ORM" in administration to be more informative (done)
      • Participant flag of user course environment must not be reseted but update with the other flags (coach and admin) (done)
      • Use an update statement to update the user course informations (done)
      • Load only the visible identities to send notifications to (done)




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