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Printable PDF certificates in courses to extend efficiency statement




      Forever since OpenOLAT has the so-called efficiency statement to report the users performance. This is an automatically generated table-style view of all assessable course nodes. It is not very beautiful, certainly not something you frame and put on your wall.

      The request for a real, printable certificate that can be styled, has signatures etc. has been a long wish. Not it is time to introduce such a certificate feature.

      PDF templates

      • On system level: can be used from a course, uploaded by system admin
      • Multiple system level templates can be managed, not just one
      • On course level: upload by author as alternative of choosing one of the system level templates
      • Templates are NOT ordinary PDF files. It must be either a PDF form, created with e.g. Acrobe Writer or a HTML Template. The PDF must contain certain variables, which are then replaced by the values form the system using a ${firstName} notation
      • User keywords: all user properties
      • Course keywords: title, externalReference, authors, from (date) to (date), expenditureofwork, mainlanguage
      • Performance data: score, status
      • Certificate data: dateFirstCertification, dateCertification
      • The PDF template can have multiple pages to support multiple languages


      • The certificates are displayed in the current efficiency statement screen whenever a certificate is available
      • Certificates stays with user, even when course has been deleted
      • When a certificate is created, the user gets the certificate by email


      • A new configuration tool is added to the course toolbar
      • The current efficiency statement is relabeled to "Performance details", it can be turned on/off as before
      • A new option does enable/disable the certificate. This can also be turned on for courses that do not have assessable course elements!
      • Options are "no", "automatic", "manual"
      • A system template can be choosen or a custom template can be uploaded
      • Recertification can be turned on/of. If on, the number of days, weeks, month or years must be specified

      Automatic certification process

      • To work with automatic certification, the course must have a passed rule on the root element
      • Whenever the course is set to passed or the score is changed the following rules are checked:
        • user passed course?
        • y: course has automatic certification enabled?
        • y: certificate already exists?
        • n: create certificate, update in database, send email
        • y: course has recertification enabled?
        • y: existing certificate is older than recertification period?
        • y: create new certificate, update in database, send email
      • Existing certificates are never deleted, even not when user fails during the recertification

      Manual certification process

      • Manual certification works also with courses that do not have assessable course elements
      • The coach or author opens the assessment tool
      • In the tool for each user existing certificates are listed
      • In the user detail view a new certificate can be generated for any user
      • In the users listing or the efficiency statement menu, a workflow can be started to generated certificates for all users.
        • In the first step all users are listed including the information wether a certificate already exists or not
        • All users that have a passed state on the course root node are preselected if they do not already have a certificate
        • The coach can deselect preselected users or select users, even ones without a passed state
        • The selection is reviewed
        • The certificates are send, database updated and emailed to users


      • Coaches and Authors can register for certificate notifications in the assessment tool
      • Whenever a new certificate is issued for a coached user, a notification is triggered.
      • The path in the notification email opens the users detail view in the assessment tool


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